Timothy Kench & Co Solictors


Moving house can be one of the most stressful times experienced by Clients, as well as one of the most expensive. We take the view that Clients need constant access to their Solicitor throughout this period, so as to remove as much of the stress from the Client as possible. The Firm takes a very much "hands on" approach to the domestic conveyancing work with each stage of the process being fully explained to the Client from the outset.

One of the most common complaints received by the profession is concerned with lack of communication. We pride ourselves in our ability to let Clients know exactly what is happening at each stage of the conveyancing process. Delays do happen especially where chains of transactions are involved, which is quite often very frustrating for the Client. We take a proactive role in trying to ensure that these transactions are dealt with as quickly as possible. We always aim to return our Clients' telephone calls on the same day, even if this involves a call well after normal office hours. Of course, if the call can be taken by either Tim or Lindsey when it is made by the Client then so much the better. 

Over the years, Tim has found that Clients appreciate the time that he spends with them shortly before exchange of contracts is due to take place. Each document is carefully explained and any queries or concerns that the Client may have is fully discussed and dealt with. It is very easy to assume that if a Client has moved house once then they are fully familiar with the procedure and the terminology. Tim recognises that this is often far from the case, and it is very satisfying to be able to explain matters so that the Client understands exactly how the process works. This leads to improved Client / Solicitor relations.

In 2012 The Law Society introduced a voluntary scheme for conveyancers whereby a Quality Conveyancing Service Mark can be given to those practices who qualify. As Timothy Kench & Co are committed to giving the highest quality of service in the house-moving process we will be actively seeking accreditation to this scheme. With the introduction of Alternative Business Structures other bodies are now seeking to introduce accreditation schemes for conveyancers. We believe that although these have a place in ensuring standards are maintained in certain areas, there is nothing better than the individual practitioners maintaining their own high standards of professional expertise in their chosen field linked inextricably to dedicated client care.

With the introduction of Outcomes Focused Regulation by the SRA, the emphasis now is on assessing the risk in acting in conveyancing matters as it affects each Client and areas such as conflicts of interest, referral arrangement and property related fraud and money laundering all have to be considered at the point of accepting Instructions. In the vast majority of domestic conveyancing matters the solicitor will also be acting for the mortgage lender.

During 2011 and 2012 a number of the major lenders in the mortgage field commenced what is to be an annual review of their panels of solicitors who are instructed to act for them at the same time as acting for the Client. Recently, and without any consultation with either the profession as a whole or our professional representatives at the Law Society or the Solicitors Regulation Authority, one of the major players in the mortgage market, HSBC, has removed the vast majority of solicitors firms from their panel. This created problems for the clients and an outcry from the profession.  Fortunately they have now reinstated a substantial number of firms to their panel, notably those who have attained the CQS mark referred to above.    We at Timothy Kench & Co have been reappointed to the majority of lenders' panels and certainly the major UK lenders retain us to act on their behalf. To maintain our position on those lender panels, we are committed to reviewing our case management systems tailored specifically to avoid risks to both the Clients and the Firm. 

In addition to the straightforward sale and purchase of domestic freehold property, we also deal with :-

  • Transfer of leasehold premises
  • Creation of new domestic leases 
  • Extending the term of existing leases
  • Transfers of equity (often connected with matrimonial settlements)
  • Mortgage work
  • Deeds of Trust (where the equity is held by partners in differing shares)
  • Voluntary First Registrations at the Land Registry
  • Applications for Possessory Title
  • Advising on Buy-to-Let and Off-Plan purchases


We also have regular contact with one of the  the UK's leading fee-free mortgage brokers who can be contacted directly to assist clients in arranging their mortgages, which again in the present economic climate is very important. Details of this firm appears on our Links page.

As properties get older, various structural and cosmetic defects can occur which may need rectifying before a property can be sold or purchased. We find that Clients are becoming more sophisticated in their demands as to the state of an older property and it is therefore vital to have access to specialist firms who can carry out specific surveys targeting these problems and then recommend and carry out remedial action. Again we have contacts with such a firm and you will find their website listed on our Links page.