Profile: Andrew Quaintance

Following his Honours degree in Law at the University of Sheffield, Andrew qualified as a solicitor in 1983 and during his almost 30 years of practice, he has worked for several firms, including nearly 14 years when he ran his own sole practice in Birmingham.

He has wide experience in a number of legal areas, but for the last 11 years has specialised in the Private Client field only. He has worked as a solicitor in industry and in private practice including in training and consultancy.

He particulary specialises at the present time in the area of wills, inheritance tax planning, lasting powers of attorney (including applications to the Public Guardianship Office for deputyships), and the administration of estates and trusts. He has also had experience as a solicitor in offering independent financial advice culminating in his taking and passing certain financial planning certificates that are recognised industry-wide. This has been particularly useful in his specialist areas given the wide diversity and complexity of the financial products on the market.

He also has an interest in tax matters. This is a useful skill when Government legislation is increasingly complex. Andrew is also now a member of the Society of Trust and Estates Practitioners (STEP) and has been awarded their premier qualification and the letters TEP (Trust and Estate Practitioner) after his name.

step advising families across generations

He has recently studied for and passed the STEP Advanced Certificate in Contentious Trusts which in particular enables him to have a deeper insight into the potential problems associated with the setting up of trusts and their administration and into how one can seek to avoid common and expensive errors. He has also recently been awarded the STEP Advanced Certificate in International Succession and Probate to further support his increasing involvement in international matters.

Clients often find themselves confused by the volume of legislation which affects their affairs, especially at difficult times following the loss of a loved one. Andrew recognises that these matters need to be handled sensitively but also in a professional and thorough manner, and he is happy to discuss the various steps involved with the Client in detail at the outset of each matter and address any concerns that they may have. Although Private Client work is generally regarded as being non-contentious, the last few years have seen considerable growth in cases appearing before the courts where Wills have been challenged for various reasons.

This underscores the need for careful drafting of Wills. We provide advice on the impact of foreign laws on estates. He is generally willing to visit you in your own homes if you prefer. His day-to-day contact with most clients is mainly via email and this has proved to work very successfully for the ten years that Andrew has worked for the firm.

Andrew Quaintance
Andrew Quaintance

Andrew and his wife have three children, the eldest of whom is married and is a senior software engineer, one of his daughters is also married and now a qualified medical doctor and the other is at University studying Modern Languages, currently spending a year abroad as part of her course in France and Spain.

His main interests apart from work are fine art, literature and good wine.

Andrew is also actively involved in his local church and was on the PCC, however his place has now been taken by his wife, Judy.

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